Frank Ray

Rolling Stone Magazine has named him one of 10 artists you need to know. Frank Ray is a former police officer of ten years who left his full time job to pursue his passion as a country music artist. He has since been sharing his talent with audiences throughout the United States as well as leading aspiring Hispanic artists in what he calls the beginning of a modern Latino Country movement. His solo debut EP “Different Kind of Country” has been described as “Easygoing contemporary country with pop-soul hooks and a dash of southwestern spice” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

The title track of the EP quickly gave rise to Rayʼs popularity and the long-awaited emergence of a Hispanic artist in country music. Notable publications and television networks such as Rolling Stone Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, USA Network, nationally televised CBS Evening News, and NBCʼs “Today Show”, quickly took notice and shared the story on their iconic platforms.

As a child, Ray shared a home both in southern New Mexico and in the heartland of Texas. Enriched in the Mexican culture, just three miles north of the US/Mexico border, and surrounded by country music in San Antonio, Frank Ray was immersed in the best of both worlds. “I think it allows me to bring an element of authenticity as I perform for a diverse audience in country music.” Ray said. He sings about the cherished values in Country Music including family and hard work but also about the positive impact immigrant labor has in America.

Frank Ray recorded his EP at world renowned Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX. The same band used to record the EP also serves as the live band for Frank Ray and travel throughout the US with him. These experiences can be followed on social media as Ray vlogs their day to day. You can see all of the hard work and behind the scenes struggles in real time. You can clearly see the passion and dedication Ray and his band have for the project.

“It’s a way for me to connect with the fans on a personal level, sharing adventures on the road ranging from heartfelt moments to funny conversations. The game is changing with how much influence social media has on developing an artist and it is amazing to see what it has done for us so far,” says Ray.

With all of the buzz surrounding Ray, it is apparent that he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon and that this is only the beginning.

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